Rodrigo Magalhães

Freelance Portuguese Translator

Delivering excellence for 20 years

Electricity & Electrical Systems

Electricity & Electrical Systems is one of my fields of expertise.

Furthermore, I have academic/professional experience in this field. Learn more about my professional academic/background.

Here are some of the latest technical translation projects related to the Electricity & Electrical Systems field:

Siemens PG

Technical Translation for Siemens

Client: Siemens
Volume: 200000 words

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B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd

Technical Translation for Samson Materials Handling

Client: Samson Materials Handling
Volume: 16000 words

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Bender Group

Technical Translation for Bender

Client: Bender
Volume: 9000 words

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Firmac Ltd.

Technical Translation for Firmac

Client: Firmac
Volume: 24000 words

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